Tuesday, June 18, 2013

wedding dress

my dream wedding dress : (cewah!) tiba-tiba pulak dah... and i found this site : http://www.zawaj.com/weddingways_main.html
awesome if you wana know about Muslim Wedding Customs around the world
ni sopan and cute

i love vintage dress!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

would you rather ...


1. have $20 to spend today OR $100 to spend next year ?
    emm...$100 to spend next year??nope!!would rather spend 2o today

2. eat a worm sandwich OR eat a snail sandwich ?
    can i say none of them...but in a critical situation i'll go for worm 

3. wear nothing but orange OR wear nothing but purple
     of course PURPLE

4. wash a cat OR wash a car?
    i don't like cat so -->cAr

5. have your hair cut by your mum OR have your hair cut by your friend?
    em~friend!! because my hair would turn into a bowl if it done by mum

6. drink nothing but milk for a week OR drink nothing but pineapple juice for a week?
     i love milk!!

7. lose your watch OR lose your diary ?
    i don't keep a diary but if to compare with watch...lose a diary is a bit scary too but im gonna go with lose  
    a diary.

8. sleep on a bed of crackers OR sleep on a bed of potato chips?
    i would love to sleep on potato chips =P

9. be a rabbit for a day OR be a cat for a day ?
    rabbit!! rabbit !! 

10. ride to work on tractor OR ride to work on elephant?
      elephant !! cuz its unique 

11. have three brothers OR have three sisters?
      i hate brothers! i want more sisters (so that i can share all my secrets with them)

12. eat corn flakes without milk OR eat toast without butter?
      of course the first one! cuz i cant have a tasteless toast 

13. learn to surf OR learn to ski
      maybe learn to ski 

14. wear  ball gown on the beach OR wear a swimsuit in the supermarket?
      the latter is crazier..ball gown on the beach sounds romantic 

15. have one big present OR have lots of small presents?
      a lots for sure! i love presents and surprises ! who hate that? 

25 May 2013

i bought a car
and i love my new mister
and love its number cuz when i add (7+0+4+3 = 5) and 5 is May 
and its white and a greatest birthday present ever !

and I'm thinking of upgrading it after five years.he he. 

Monday, June 10, 2013


Unexpectedly i found many cool pictures from my dslr memory card and wanted to paste it here :P
        Reminiscing my student's life.
bowling with my junior
when i was quite slim back then (i guesso) 

me and my juniors in-room sandals
my sister simple birthday celebration 
my awesome group and visit to this place
went out with my bureau 

my last room in UIA (Block D Hafsa 1.2)
my favorite donut (love all 6 flavors)
my first level of education was here (dah roboh dh :/ sedih) 

with my indonesian friends
my compartment