Friday, February 25, 2011

me :D

oh! pichass!

  • oh sesungguhnya saya adalah tidak menyangka bahawa saya akan berjaya menyiapkan assignment photographh saya pada masa yang ditetapkan. oh rasa sungguh gembira! perasaan yang sungguh tidak terkata. Ini adalah kerana saya merasakan photography ini adalah pelajran yang paling sukar dan menyusahkan serta 'frustrating' untuk dilakukan, tetapi saya sedar tiada perkara yang mustahil di dunia ini jika berani mencuba dan bertanya. Saya berasa bangga apabila gambar landscape saya dipuji tetapi tidak untuk gambar potrait! Saya tidak suka potrait!
  • Apa-apa pun let's have a look! Rasa ingin menguplod nye di Stock Photo dan Deviant Art la pula! ahaks! Wah, saya masih ingat tatabahasa! Memperkasakan BM! wee~

Panning technique! setelah berjuta kali mencuba akhirnya saya memperoleh beberapa keping gambar untuk teknik panning ini yang agak menyampahkan!
Semua classmate saya suka yang ini! Saya juga! :D

Yang ini pula menggunakan high shutter speed, jadi gambar akan nampak seperti beku dan tidak bergerak! Seorang kakak sangat suka gambar ini! Dan kak utur juga!

Teknik yang seterusnya, shutter speed slow, menjadikan gambar air kelihatan seperti asap atau kabus. Low shutter speed can make the water look misty and soft like cotton, but the thing is we need to use tripod.Tetapi kerana saya tidak mempunyai tripod saya cuma meletakkan dslr saya di atas batu agar gambar tidak blur.

Next technique. medium shutter speed so air akan nampak seperti butir-butir yang menarik!

Landscape. Saya sangat suka mengambil gambar landscape. Ini adalah gambar masjid UIA yang boleh dilihat dari bilik saya. Sir saya pun suka!

ini pula adalah bangunan Human Sciences, tempat saya belajar!

Dan teknik seterusnya : potrait! ouh, saya tidak suka! Terima kasih kepada kawan saya Maisarah dan Farhana kerana membantu menyiapkan assignment saya!

Seterusnya depth of field.

Depth of field depan

depth of field depan

Depth of field belakang

Ini adalah gambar suka- suka

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


i have completed four assignments! yeay to me!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

hampir ke situ by mendua

too many posts in the same day? wowow! tis is not good! i should not repeat this again!

Aku sadar bukan mudah
Untuk mengejar mimpi indah
Pernah suatu ketika dulu
Ku punya harapan besar
Kini aku tak pasti
Dapatkah ku miliki

Sudah jauh kita tempuh

Kekalkanlah impian lalu
Mungkin ada hikmah
Yang akan menunggu
Di penghujung jalan
Biar nanti kecewa
Setidak-tidaknya mencuba

Jika halangan menduga perjalanan kita

Janganlah kau putus asa
Karena ku ada di sisi setia menemani
Andai semangatmu gugur
Genggamlah tanganku
Kita hampir ke situ

Adakala ku terasa

Ketabahan tak setegar
Tetapi apakan daya
Berhenti separuh jalan
Percayalah padaku
Aku yakin kita mampu

Biar orang katakan

Rapuhnya harapan
Bukan mereka tentukan lagi
Kau ada aku dan aku punya kamu
Amanlah akhirnya tetap bersama

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brc leadrship training

last 12 Rabiul Awwal, i went to BRC (block representative council) leadership training at Sidayu Camp Gombak, it was compulsory! i really hate camp like this actually, but this camp was totally different, it was incredibly awesome! The consultant are the one of the branch under famous motivator Dr Lawrence Walter Ng! i was shocked for a while when the motivator bro Azuwan said that. I love Dr Lawrence's book! even i have all the copies from his The Art of Learning concept. We had to sung four songs that day. One of it was Demi Matahari by Snada! Frankly speaking that was my first time listened to that song, and i really loves everything, the music, lyrics. Guys! listen to this:


and i couldn't find the other song title Sampai di Sini.who knows? do tell me ! and
aha! i did posted the other video above! Hampir ke Situ by Mendua! the lyrics are amazing.full of meaning.

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frustrated? yes i am frustrated because of photography. it's really hard to take a good pictures. its not just about good but more than that. I need to submit ten pictures next Wednesday and my classmates are not serious bout our plan.wth!by the way I've snapped some pictures last Wednesday.several techniques that i had learned in that ********** class with ******** bro.

this is depth of field (belakang)
yang memblurkan gambar di depan dan menerangkan gambar di belakang.

another depth of field technique, which menerangkan objek di depan
and memblurkan objek di belakang.

this is panning yang telah di reject di mana menunjukkan pergerakan
tetapi objek iaitu apam balik adalah tidak bergerak.

another panning technique yang hampir diterima
tetapi direject kerana nombor motor yang tidak jelas.

This is Bokeh. Objek yang hendak diambil adalah
terang dan nyata, tetapi direject kerana tidak menarik.

All pictures taken above using NikonD40, the old edition. Not disappointing though. Quite ok!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

my favorite photographer

is : Grace Weston ! she focuses on constructed fine art photographs. Her creativity might make I smile or make I scratch my head and think. Through her fictions, she stabs at the truth. She creates narratives photographs that use a variety of props to address the dilemmas, illusions, joys, and fears that at once seems so personal, yet are also universal. She is not only a wonderful fine art photographer, but has an impressive roster of editorial clients including O (the Oprah Magazine), Portland Monthly, Seattle Metropolitan, and Pittsburgh Magazine.




In my opinion, photography is not easy, hard and frustrating to learn. Anyone can take a picture with a camera, but to mainly take good pictures there is a lot to learn. Personally, I think photography is an exciting career opportunity. There are several reasons why I want to learn photography skills. I want to have the ability to take a portrait in a home or outdoor setting that will let me capture the beauty of a loved one and make them want to see the portrait framed on a wall instead of saving it in my hard drive. Photography is fun as I can take pictures of people and special things I love. I can have the chance to capture special events like a special birthday or the family vacation with clear, well composed pictures. So I really hope all the basic photography skills that I am going to learn and had learned are helpful to achieving all my photography goals by the end of this semester.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

m afraid

This has been a rough semester.

Between classes, a dance rehearsal everyday and Inspire club meeting and Block Representative Meeting and a hell lots of work from Photography Skills class, Research Paper type of assignments and International Organization journal and Foreign Policy Decision Making assignments and Political Thought II exam, presentation, IO exams, Media and Muslim Society assignment(due date is today which meant i didn't submit it yet and i dunno wen i am going to submit it ) making me crazy and depressed, I'm exhausted! I can't muster the energy to be my normal obnoxious self, and oddly, people are not happy about that. I would think they would welcome a break from my sarcasm. Go figure!

I am afraid that i cannot be one of a dean listed student again this semester. SAD!

Because I'm not in the mood to write anything worthwhile, I'm going to sleep. Yeah. Screw everything and everybody. I want to apologize to my dear blog as i can't keep my promise to update you everyday.Shame on me.

I am addicted to Blythe now. So really fuckingly admiring that Blythe doll. I plan to buy the petite one as it will cost me around $300-1000 for the big Blythe.OK and so..Whatever. I am not feeling well since last week and even now. Just took all the medicine prescribed for me today.Thanks Dr. Shafeek Lone for not giving me an MC, time slip instead. Who needs that cheap piece of paper? Not valuable at all.

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