Thursday, February 10, 2011

m afraid

This has been a rough semester.

Between classes, a dance rehearsal everyday and Inspire club meeting and Block Representative Meeting and a hell lots of work from Photography Skills class, Research Paper type of assignments and International Organization journal and Foreign Policy Decision Making assignments and Political Thought II exam, presentation, IO exams, Media and Muslim Society assignment(due date is today which meant i didn't submit it yet and i dunno wen i am going to submit it ) making me crazy and depressed, I'm exhausted! I can't muster the energy to be my normal obnoxious self, and oddly, people are not happy about that. I would think they would welcome a break from my sarcasm. Go figure!

I am afraid that i cannot be one of a dean listed student again this semester. SAD!

Because I'm not in the mood to write anything worthwhile, I'm going to sleep. Yeah. Screw everything and everybody. I want to apologize to my dear blog as i can't keep my promise to update you everyday.Shame on me.

I am addicted to Blythe now. So really fuckingly admiring that Blythe doll. I plan to buy the petite one as it will cost me around $300-1000 for the big Blythe.OK and so..Whatever. I am not feeling well since last week and even now. Just took all the medicine prescribed for me today.Thanks Dr. Shafeek Lone for not giving me an MC, time slip instead. Who needs that cheap piece of paper? Not valuable at all.

mode:cute sad.


  1. wow ko amek photography skill class?? cool!
    ko de dslr x? bg r aku pnjam. hehehe!

    ngeri woo patung blythe nih.. cam chucky je!
    mlm2 die datang kt katil ko pegang pisau potong daging! huuuuuuuuuu~~~

  2. aah~ photography clas.. ye mmng sgt cool haha..p keje melmbak2 la wei! nak pnjam?bayar sewa ler~ hehehe bek ak jd photgrpher ko je..

    ahahahhaha~ rmai dah ckap ptung ni begitu.