Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sallu and Sally

Blythe mood! Bohemian Peace is my new Blythe Doll. Love her. And i called her Sallu.and me Sally. so now Sallu and Sally are bff.We sleep, eat together and she's all free to accompany me u Sallu. xoxo Sallu!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

today as usual went to three classes, and actually i need to present today for my English for Academic Writing class, but because i was like late 5 minutes, my lecturer chose other gals which really make me pissed off, because I've been waiting  for my turn since last week and i thought that as today is my birthday i have to finish all the works that left undone ( because i'm following the procrastination cycle). 
Then went to the next class, and i was fully prepared for my Islamic Theory of International Relations quiz. I memorized everything and all of sudden my lecturer changed the question to other topic which i don't remember at all. Actually i was considering to finish the presentation and also to answer the quiz excellently for my birthday present. A messed- up day for me.  Then  some problems occurred when i sent the emails for TV 3 journalist, which I've to sent it many times. The same thing happened to the UPSI student who asked to help him in doing his assignment ( but still he gave me 70 bucks for only 8 pages that i wrote for him which is the awesome-st  thing that happened to me since morning) . And then having difficulty again to sent email to my friend for other assignment. I dunno what's actually happening to Celcom  these days. Please don't ever dare to try Celcom Broadband. Sucks millionth of time. Then i went to cafe to have my dinner and end up bought a chicken bugger (i'm not hungry but feels like to eat something) 

And finally the happiest moment for me today arrived. he2. my roommate sent me an SMS asked me where am i. And by the way i was about to open the door, and they surprised the heck out of me with a small square cake and cute hand written card and the most important thing is i was so surprised because i don't think they gonna celebrate my birthday by the way. We are so busy with many assignments, discussions and other things. Two weeks left for final exam. 
I really appreciated that plus the cake was very nice and got macaroon on top of it. 

2nd of May 1989

Alhamdulillah bersyukur saya ke hadrat illahi dengan limpah kurniaNya saya yang naif dan lalai ini masih lagi dapat berpijak di bumi Allah dan merasa nikmat-nikmat pemberianNya. Alhamudillah syukur, akan tetapi saya berasa agak sedih kerana umur saya kini sudah menjangkau 23 dan saya merasakan diri saya ini masih tidak lengkap dengan ilmu dan masih banyak cacat cela yang perlu saya baiki dan saya merasakan saya tidak produktif. Saya berasa agak sedih dan terkilan tetapi seorang kawan saya menasihati saya dengan mengatakan tiga ayat ini   think about how beautiful U are and that U have Ur whole life ahead of U  and  thank god that U lived to see 23. My friend soothed me with those words. Sebenarnye saya telah memasang azam dan niat baru yang saya akan update selepas ini. xoxo.