Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i love poems!

“i died from mineral and become plant

i died from the plant and reappeared in an aNimaL

i died from thE animal N becomE a maN,

Wherefor theN shuld i fEar?

whEn did i groW less by dyiNg?

next time i shall diE from thE maN

that i may grow thE wingS of aNgeLs

From thE angel, too, i muSt sEek advisE

All thiNgs shall i periSh savE His facE

one more shall i wiNg my way abovE thE aNgels

i shall become that which eternEth not

the imagiNatioNs

thEn., let mE becomE naught, naught for thE

harp striNg criEth on mE

Verily unto Him do wE returN….”

my sweEt twEnty

sweEt � twEnty u arE� you were, in part shall always be.
That wonder, horror, perfect, fearful, strong, weak, potpourri.

One moment sailing through the sky, next, in the depths of hell.
What a way to learn of life, a test to live it well.

You need to be connected, dear, the same as all your friends.
You want to be so different, your own self to the end.

You long to be out on your own, you want your family there.
You feel you look so good, then hate your face, your nose, your hair.

And all that I can tell you now my sweet, tweNty , confused,
is that I love you, and someday you’ll look on this bemused.

mode: wondergirls,sunye im twenty one!

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