Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my first impression about politics

I never heard about politic when I was in a primary school. I knew about our Prime Minister at that time and Malaysian’s Independence only. Merdeka in 1957, Malaysian of all races spilled into Stadium Merdeka to celebrate Independence on august 31. I kept asking how we got independence, and why we need it. Sometime, I heard about the politician do this and that, and Malaysian is so aware when they heard news such as Anwar involved in sodomy allegation cases. But then I have no idea what is happening actually. The politicians seem to be of much more important and may indeed be the prime concern.
Then I become a teenager and studied in a secondary school which was the time I knew a little about politic. That is because of my uncle who encouraged me to learn and to know about what is happening in the world. He told me how important it is to understand all that kind of things as our world today needs more competent workers who not only has a degree but also knowledge. So from that day I learn about it: politic by reading newspaper everyday, and doing some online research. The first thing I knew is about the political system and the election in Malaysia. As Malaysia is a democracy country the election is held once in a four year to choose who is eligible to governing our country. Then I knew it is important for Malaysian to choose properly because we live under their administration. I also have been taught about History and being exposed to the political system and politicians in Malaysia even though that is not much as what I learn now. I have studied about UMNO, MCA, MIC and many more.
Where do we start all this political things? In my view politic relate to the profession of governing. This politics are needed to develop the country. Nowadays, there are not many people interested in politics. Sometime, my friend said that why must we care about politics, that is not related to a student like us, because we need to concentrate on studies. They assume that politic is bad and who work as a politician will obtain so many problems. Actually it is not true because politics is not dirty but politicians are. I think, it is a wrong assumption as youth are the agents of changes in our governmental system. We cannot simply ignore it. When something happen in our country it is rather interestingly frustrating that people seem to say many things but not do it in practice. They only know how to blame the politicians for their wrong doings in politics but they did nothing. In my personal view, we need someone who can change and direct this political system for Malaysian’s betterment.
When I continue my tertiary education at IIUM, as Human Science student I studied about Political Science which is related to politics. I like the subject so much because I get to know so many things about politics, politician, political parties and so many more. It is an interesting subject to me as it will help me to achieve my ambition. I have been to Parliament once as I followed the program held by Human Science society. I got to see the members of Parliament were debating about current issues in Malaysia. I was so excited to watch it in front of my eyes as I watch political debate in television only. Political debate is healthy and good for a democracy. Then I think is important for me to study well and achieve my ambition as it is related to politics, so that I can make changes to the government for the betterment of society.

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