Tuesday, May 14, 2013

a miniature avanza or a "tin milo" ?

Actually, I'm talking about Viva here. I read many blogs, forums and comments about it. And there are pros and cons about this small car (which they describe it as miniature avanza and some others called it a "tin Milo" 

 These are several sites that i read thoroughly :


Ada orang kata FC Viva sangat best! sebab for RM40 can go for about 400 km, and some other people stated that bila selekoh/pusing macam nak terbabas, and ada orang argued why nak pusing and drive laju-laju kan. And someone else stated that its hard to drive this tin Milo car on highway because its too small and quite dangerous.

Whatever it is, it depends on your budget la kan, and ada orang kata lagi it is suitable to female rather than male. Apakah ? Kalau male tapi pendek jer, also can drive Viva maa! Sebenarnya , tak tahu lah apa kejadahnya nak merepek pasal Viva pagi-pagi ni ha.hee~ To do list pun banyak ni + unfinished tasks yesterday, tapi saja rasa nak write about cars. And Viva is chosen because i plan to buy it. :P Tak sanggup nak bangun pagi (5.30) and rush for shower, and quick breakfast (sebab uncle Cab waiting outiside) and rush again for Komuter, (kalau berdiri lagi la tercabut kaki, kalau duduk ok lagi) and then rush again for LRT, yang memang takkan dapat tempat (mula-mula kena berdiri ) and i have to go all the way from KL Sentral to Gombak (20 stations okay) then have to wait pulak for Rapid 231 bus to UIA, balik pun sama (and it cost me around 31bucks pergi-balik everyday ) and its killing me and my money. Baik tak payah kerja pun.

And the good thing is I know how to drive both manual  and automatic cars but i prefer manuals. But now I'm gonna go with Auto transmission cars as  i plan to drive it around KayElle. 

I read these warnings about driving an  auto-cars :
  • Be gentle with the vehicle's controls. Do not apply too much pressure too quickly on either the brake or the accelerator pedal and handle the steering gently. You will get better gas mileage and your passengers will thank you for the smoother ride.
  • Many automatics have gear selections for 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd gear along with the automatic "D" setting. These are for regulating the gear yourself in adverse conditions. To shift down or up between these gears, you can move the shift lever as the car is in motion. Lower gears offer more power but slower speeds. Be VERY careful not to shift into Reverse while the car is moving forward, or vice versa.
  • To move the car at low speeds, simply remove your foot from the brake when moving off. Use the brake to maintain a constant speed and the throttle to increase speed.
  • Shift into "N" (neutral) when stationary for long periods so the engine doesn't work against the torque converter and waste power.  From : http://www.wikihow.com/Drive-a-Car-With-an-Automatic-Transmission
so, that's all for now! chau!


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