Thursday, May 16, 2013


I'm trying to get a slimmer fingers now..cuz it keeps getting bigGER and BIGGER !! pfftt..;(
So i go through and read all the articles in net and found this : 
Get Rid of Chubby Hands
i don't want a chubby fingers !
So these are the steps that i should be taken into consideration or...i must try it!
Step 1 : Eat right Try to stay in shape, and your hands won't be as chubby. The bigger you are the fatter your hands will be. This will be hard, but if you are up for it losing weight will probably help

Step 2 : Do hand exercises You can do these anywhere! At work, on the bus, in the car(Unless you're driving!), while watching T.Vanywhere! Try getting a stress reliever hand toy and squeeze it a lot. Just be careful that you don't hurt your hands. Note that your hands will be sore the first few times you do hand exercises.

Step 3 : Type a lot. The constant moving of your fingers will slim them down. Your fingers may get tired, but, if you type a lot, your fingers will not be too chubby.

But there are two warnings about it :

  • Don't overwork your fingers. Your fingers can get damaged.
  • Don't push yourself to the death. It doesn't take just one day, so don't get mad.

While i went through the above article from WikiHow, i found another interesting things about fingers:

Things that your fingers say about you: 
1. That you are a man, or a woman
The most obvious thing the length of your finger tells you is your sex. Men's ring fingers are normally longer than their index fingers, while womens' ring and index fingers tend to be the same length.

2. That you make a lot of money, or not
Researchers in Cambridge discovered that stock traders with long ring fingers made more money than colleagues with shorter ring fingers. Again, this can be chalked up to higher testosterone, which can make men more assertive and likely to take risks.

3. That you are a lesbian, or not

A study in California found that gay women tend to have shorter index fingers than ring fingers. The scientists at UC Berkeley theorized that exposure to androgens in the womb influence both finger length and sexual orientation, but the effect was not as pronounced among gay men.

4. How good you are at sports

Men and women whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers are more likely to have an aptitude for sports. The correlation is particularly strong, says "finger expert" Dr. John Manning, in middle and long-distance runners.

5. That you are good at math
Children with "masculinized" ring fingers — that is, longer than their index fingers — do better in math tests than in literacy tests, found scientists at the University of Bath. Alternately, children whose second and fourth fingers are the same length perform better in literacy tests.

6. You are prone to arthritis
If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, you may be more likely to develop arthritis,found researchers at the University of Nottingham. Those with "masculinized" finger lengths were more likely to develop osteoarthritis in the knees, and in the hips. The problem was most acute in women.

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