Tuesday, May 21, 2013

wish upon a star #part two

My long-term goals/ A dream house :

i would love to cook at this vintage kitchen :)

another important thing to me ( for master bedroom)
 i wish i have this

or maybe this but of course with a sheer  canopy! (wajib)
contemporary-classic TV/Leisure room

a calm living room for get-together with family w/o TV distractions
my dream porch/ Veranda
bedroom for my daughters
guest bedroom
bedroom for my boys
a place for me to hide from the world (the attic/loteng) kalau ada loteng

So, this is my dream house, i would love to live in this kind of house (as it's surrounded by trees) and i want a simple house like this (not too big or to small) and decorate it depends on my budget and  also things that i wish for. Having little or no money doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful home
and oh! i wish that i can have a small piano area for my pleasure. I'm  longing for piano since i was a little kid (actually my dad promised to buy this for me) but now i have to buy this on my own :)

So, lastly..your background doesn't have to dictate what you do. It doesn't matter what other people think of you because you are free to make your own decisions and to set your own goals and don't let yourself to be put off or downgraded by others. You are what you think. Just go think big! :)

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