Wednesday, May 29, 2013

likes and dislikes


1. the way you smell
2. how you can get me out of a bad mood (even you buat i bad mood)
3. the way you need me
4. because you haven't given up on me yet
5. that you always tell me i look cute/beautiful (walaupun tak lansung)
6. because of your nicknames for me
7. because you know when something is wrong
8. when you forgive me straight away even though i do something that makes you angry
9. and because you let me watch what i want
10. the way you cope with my stresses
11. when you hold my hand
12. being in the car with you
13.your text
14. because you love fish
15. because of many similar interests like mine but also opposite of me in many different ways
16. because of your shoulder (always there when i need it)
17. because you take care of me
18.the way you worry about me
19.when you ask about my family
20.and because you say "i love you"


1. smoking.and its time for you to quit smoking
2. and its sucks when you smell like cigarettes (sometimes)
3. i do not like it when i have to be the overall leader
4. i hate it when you never give me flowers since we have been together
5. i know you are not the romantic type
6.and because you doesn't call me very much
7.and I'm afraid that you're going to be stuck in your own world (seems like you
    scared to try something new)
8. i don't like it when you make me feel less than
9. and sometimes arrogant
10.and i don't like it when you don't tell me the things you want in life
11. and you out having fun and I'm locked down (i feel left out,forgotten about and
       sometimes jealous) (Or it has nothing to do with you)
12.maybe because you don't make plans in advance for two of us together
    (i guess because you're so busy with your family and work) (i know i shouldn't whine,
    it's not a good thing)
13.and i don't know what I'm doing.

macam doesn't make sense at all jer semua ni,because perangai orang semua berubah-ubah before and after it depends la.and hope for the best.that's all.

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