Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Wishlist

Number One :
 WD My Passport Essential BoxMy Passport colors

Number Two :

Number Three :

Neo Blythe - Prairie Posie 


Petite - Pure Punthic 

Number Four :

Ideal Princess Abaya with Multicolour Velvet Details (ZC0190)Gorgeous Princess Abaya with Diamond Shaped Patterns (ZC0373)Exquisite Princess Abaya with Light Brown Lace & Velvet Details (ZC0458)

Number Five/ Finally :

setakat wishlist berlambaks, dwet nyer takders, nak beli mcm mana pulaks,so money is one of my wishlists jugak.ngee~

mode: sleepy sleepy photo: sleepy guy SleepyGuy_zps84d84350.gif

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