Thursday, May 2, 2013

twenty four mE

2nd of mAy! i don't know why, but i really got attached to this day, not only because its the date that i was born, but because, i'm not really sure about the reasons behind it, but i do think because i'm sharing it with another famous people in the world esp. David Beckham, The Rock, Lily Allen, Donatella Versace and see for yourself! 

(from wikipedia)

So my feelings right now: 
Happy that i'm getting older 
I find myself rather growing up a bit, out of the shells that i keep living in and a really great solace from the world i knew.
I  found myself a great companion, people who are appreciate me for who i am and never be judgmental. It is hard to find those gems in life, and when you find them, hold on to it and never look back.
And i went out with my bf today, to celebrate my birthday with Sushi King and 
Iron Man 3 :D 

Thats all 


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