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Humans can't live without blood. Without blood, the body's organs couldn't get the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive, we couldn't keep warm or cool off, fight infections, or get rid of our own waste products. Without enough blood, we'd weaken and die.
Here are the basics about the mysterious, life-sustaining fluid called blood.

Red Blood Cells
Red blood cells (also called erythrocytes) are shaped like slightly indented, flattened disks. RBCs contain the iron-rich protein hemoglobin. Blood gets its bright red color when hemoglobin picks up oxygen in the lungs. As the blood travels through the body, the hemoglobin releases oxygen to the tissues.
The body contains more RBCs than any other type of cell, and each has a life span of about 4 months. Each day, the body produces new RBCs to replace those that die or are lost from the body.

BUT Y M TALKIN ABOUT BLOOD NOW? of cos it has something to do with myself..but in a different way..n now i wana share about other thing which is highly related with BLOOD!--->

5 Fun fActS about Menstruation

  1. A 20-week-old female fetus has approximately 7 million eggs, but is down to 2 million by the time she is born.

  2. Some native South American cultures thought that all mankind was created out of “moon blood.”

  3. In 18th Century Europe, washing and changing underclothing during their period was regarded as unhealthy, because women feared it would block the bleeding or make it more intense.

  4. The Draghi tampon, invented in 1959 by Andre Draghi, was designed for early cancer detection. The idea was that women could insert it themselves and send it off to a laboratory or physician who would examine it for abnormalities like cancer. It spared women and doctors the time necessary to accomplish the same thing in the doctor’s office.

  5. Ancient Egyptians considered menstrual blood a remedy for many beauty problems, including sagging breasts. However, it was never used to treat conditions in men.

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