Sunday, November 14, 2010

elle baby

Suddenly.. m missin u today!

The watch is a sym­bol of our insa­tia­bil­ity to know what time it is and where we are sup­posed to be. Some use it only as dec­o­ra­tion, and some fore go them all together. There are some who buy cheap watches, and there are those who just as eas­ily will pay thou­sands for one.

There is a watch for every style and desire. With such evi­dence of a social sym­bol, what is it like to lose it? I lost my watch recently. It was a nice professional type Elle watch in almost in its 5th year of life and were showing signs of aging. It was a gift from my aunt, who bought it for me when I was 16. It has been repaired once, lovingly, lost and found, accompanied me all over the world.

Of late, though I have developed an itchy rash on my wrist, so I have taken to keeping it in my pocket. It was later wen i had lunch with mum that I realised the watch was missing from my pocket. I spent several hours searching in the car, doing that foolish thing you do when something is lost, when you look in ridiculous places that you know there is zero chance it being. So it was that I looked down drains,sumwer on the road , in my bag ,under the car's seat.

ame home. Felt irritable and sad. Looked in empty cupboards, twice, then again with a torch. Patted my pockets for the hundredth time. Looked in the toilet. Eventhough i know i will never and ever meet my Elle Baby again. And again. I even got Shafika and my mum to pray we would find it. But no joy yet.

Must have accidentally misplaced it either in the ****** restaurant or Darul Ruqyah..i missed my watch..dear watch ..wer r u now? pliz come back to me Elle Baby!

Note to my Elle Baby:
My baby..wherever you are now..juz take care of yourself..m missin you..Hope dat we can meet again in the Hereafter.. M planning to buy a new watch now.myb same like u! simple n elegant ..But pliz dun be sad..i will never stop thinking about you!
..i <3 u Elle..

The last pic of me N my Elle Baby b4 she lost.

mode: sad.gif sad!

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