Thursday, November 11, 2010


am i crazy?no not ..hell yeahh m de thing is im missing my family so much...
fAmilY? tiS is my Family

they r so damn important to me ..Frankly speakin i dun have dAd n m glad i dun have onE,,they r sux! haha..wat m talkin bowt nw? im talkin bowt fAmilY for sure! i had exam today it was great i gues..very surprisingly..i did answer everything well..Well Done Sally! u go girl!!Got 2 papers more to go! Research Methodology n Intercultural Communication..really hope my name will be listed in DL tis semester..
not related at all huh? so m Lepaking..Wasting tyme..
watever.........Tis is me wasting tyme n stdying!!

i found tis sumwer ..

yes..100% agreed with d above statement! but watever u do juz dun forget bowt de ONE who created us..ALLAH..

mode : confused confused!


  1. woi salem!
    da lame wat blog baru nk gtaw an??
    hahaha! =D

  2. hehe~mne ade lame ..da ke bape milion kli p x pnah nye update! hahaha ...bru aktif! folo la i mkcik!