Thursday, November 4, 2010


yeah TodaY..i cant wait to go out ..for Hisss
n Life as We Know It m kind of sick today ..with chronic inflammatory disease of the airways..or other way to say it shortness of breath.Simplest form of word is i took two tablets of Prednisolone 2mg..which absolutely completely madly not good for my body i mean dat thing got many bad effects.The short-term side effects like high blood glucose levels. This happens most commonly in patients that are already has diabetes or is using medications that increase blood glucose. Other short-term side effects include insomnia, euphoria and, in some cases, even mania.If for long periods can cause side effects like osteoporosis, glaucoma,type II diabetes and weight gain-->tis is wat m afraid most..haha!dis is y i got ******* body..guesso..
tis wat i called Random Jottings
Some things that I just don't see

I don't see stars at night.
I don't see rainbow after rain.
I don't see lightning before thunder.
I don't see cats and dogs when it rains.
I don't see words I spoke.
I don't see my dreams when I open my eyes.
I don't see flowers blossom.
I don't see my tears when I cry.
I don't see wind but curtains are flying.
I don't see things the way I used to.

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