Saturday, November 6, 2010

When I need a time out....

What a hectic day out!..1st we took taxi but de ****** driver make us feel sick!
we tot dat we cn arrived earlier der..but naik siput babi pun mcm lg cepat kot!
so WE here refers to me@myself N my bestie..UTUR...n wen we arived der ..DER here refers to GIANT ...the taxi meter showed MYR 8.50 bt we did nt hv 50cent bt de ****** driver askd MYR 9 frm us ...(need to mention smting here : dalam cab tu sngat tu bnyik mcm ribut jalan macam siput + driver tu mcm x btul sgt la kot)
tis is de cab :-

mode: korean heroes sad!

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