Thursday, November 25, 2010

the day we went out

hehe ..last three days we went to AEON Seremban mum n lil cute sis Shafi
actly we juz planned 4 a window shoping bt ended up buying 2 sunglases WTH seriously both r so really nicee ! need to mention we went to the children park..guesso duno wat d exct name..btw holidays r soo great bt im bcming unproductive each day plus im de fulltime servant for the family..wish mum culd juz hire a maid...tired! n soo lazy 2 update tis thing.. hehe

my sis ..eating or slepin ni? kenfiusnye!

my mum's Bonia glases

n tis is mine! Esprit..weee~

sbb FP ini kami telah rambang mata

mum n sis

today is 25.11.2010...wana wish Happy Birthday to my oozing-ly Hot fren Athirah Amirah Abdul Razak..n today Tangled Rapunzel had released! goin to watch it! Yeayy! WtF! sounds like im 7 goin 2 8 yrs old nx year..n tomo we planed 2 go to MAHA 2010..later later later..time to sleep now..

mode: happy hepi

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